The Colorado Trip

NO WAR ROBOTS IN THIS EPISODE! A Dissertation On The Triumph Of A Friendship Cemented and Other Pleasant Musings On The CO Trip. That's probably a better title but I went w simple. My wife and I traveled to Colorado for a few weeks and along the way...I got to meet my main pimp, Droopy Sack. NO WAR ROBOTS IN THIS EPISODE!

Storm clouds of the new economy aside we hear from SeroM about where he lives and the way he sees the game as a player that has not spent any money on the game since the days of the Ancilot. Part two is ready for you so take a lolly pop from the fish bowl and relax, the Doctor is listening to your WR mental needs.

Ways to stabilize and control where there is chaos by inserting more chaos in order to control the original chaos. We talk Boosters and game changes w special guests Lunifyd and from the other side of the world, Serom(Kirk) of the Iron Marauders leadership joins us for fun times and crazy debate about our wallets least favorite passtime...

Our girl BEATZy joins us for what may be the calm before the storm w the "threat" of Update 4.0 waiting in the wings. We laugh and debate to our hearts content about hangars, maps, weapons, and more on the show that I still can't believe you all think is worth pressing play and spending your valuable time, but I am honored that you do so. I could have edited this to under an hour but w us not getting the chance to record as regularly as we have, I left it all up to you to decide on a little of us or a lot. Now get to it, kids!!

Been grumbling about game modes you are feeling forced to endure? We agree. After a well deserved vacation and just fresh from my face to face meet up w Josh for an unforgettable weekend w MattGyver, we return to the game that brought us all together in the first place. Get your fix and get your sanity back one episode at a time. 

Introductions into the mind of the owner of the biggest smile in the WR universe are granted in this the first of many visits w the podcast crew. Her skill is evident during play and in statictical achievements but the best part of BEATZy is getting to listen to her illumiate any channel w her endearing demeanor...and now you get join in!

Know for being the longest word and meaning something wonderful or extra funking awesome(actually the longest word is credited, yet controversially, as Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis- "an artificial long word said to mean a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash and sand dust." Most educated or literary oriented folks will prefer a word from Shakespear-Honorificabilitudinitatibus which means,"the state of being able to achieve honours". There, know go forth into the world and educate the masses)! I am part of something so powerful and uplifting that I sometimes can't sleep for hours after the phenomenon. I am referring to making new friends while enjoying the company of old during the hours you spend w the game and all the entangled joys of camaraderie. I hope you have discovered this very same treasure for yourself. 

Fun and laughs abound as we finally are able to get our first female pilot into the the room w the boys and I. W 6000+ victories and friends in nearly evry major clan in the game, SheilaBeatty is well respected in most circles or the WR community and took the time to talk WR-turkey and premature ejumpulation mishaps galore!

So the reverb that was added w/out our knowledge was actually much worse than what is the result product which is packed w good material, just sounds like we are in a stadium, lol, yo! We do have fun and we already have another show ready for edit w Ms. Affliction in the can so we see us getting our mojo back w all of you in our noggins. Sooo glad to be back in those head holes of the best group of pilots in the entire funking WR-verse. Thanks for wanting the show as bad as you do! BTW-All my Nem family, my heart aches at the state of your nation. Tomorrow I wish you all the best as you walk your individual paths but today I morn what was, as a family. Today, I am crushed. My Love and support to you all who once called, and those that still call, your allegiances to the clan Nemesis. 

Are you a premature jumper? Always rushing in to save the day only to end up providing the red team w a plump piece of low hanging fruit.  We answer questions from our listeners via our newest team member and friend Larry(Luni). He helps run our Facebook site and will be a fequent visitor to our ranks each month. Take it easy or take us to task but join us for your weekly competitive mental correction. All aboard, kids. It's happy-action funtime w Higgie, D sack, and now Yosemite Lunifyed funking Sam.

After a series of unfortunate weeks w the production of the show we return w Droopy and Higgie for fun and debate over the things we see that signal change is happening that is different from the past and comments from the King himself on that very subject. Time to message those brain folds of all things WR.

At the request of our listeners, the first of which was Hans(a very smart individual w a leadership position in the world of business technology) and after many hours of doing my best to understand the current state of the financial report and the development team at Pixonic, we find out that policies over the past year or more may just confirm our worst fears. Those nagging thoughts the game knows we are not only agered but hurt do to emotional and social attachments w/in the game and does not care. Furthermore, they believe that those very deep bonds will keep us playing while enduring continued abuse through various and incessant monitization architectures. All very much because of the strategies of the lead developer during that time. Well kids, the times they are a-changin'! Join us on our continued quest for mental health within the boundries of War Robots, and maybe even beyond.

Insights from Higgie and D-Sack are usually sufficient for a great episode but throw in the observations of someone w the deductive prowess of Stew Pendous and know you have the core of a revolutionary movement. One reminicent of the late 18th century...  Well, at least in our passions for the subject. If our subversive nature and beliefs in this rehlm seem lacking in any real world signifigance, we know those core ideals that we uphold very much do. This episode is a display of those ideals being celebrated through learned discourse.

Rejoice War Robot aficionados! Stew Pendous of Youtube fame has returned to the game that plagues and pleases, all at the same time, and we have him. Part 1 this week and part 2 next are full of fun times and great observations on the roller coaster of a ride we all know as, "The Game". Enjoy!

Time for another episode of your favorite War Robots round table w The Incomparable Droopy Sack and the Ever Artistic Mr. Higgles, as always, all kept in line by yours truly. We and vilify the craven, denouncing those of you that have chosen that of the apostate in comparision to those of us that feel always playing to win is next to religion. And we are the faithful. 

No shortage of laughs and brilliant insight as we are joined by the Nemesis clans almighty emperor Str8uph8r or Jack Gorday. The current MM must go, the new generation of bots and weapons are pushing out the old guard, and an ever fragmented component system are added to MK2 and several other chanllenges that face players that are "growig up" in a Dash generation. Is this the next generational shift happening before our very noggins? Droopy Sack and Mr. Higgles are here w yours truly to conduct War Robots therapy to the masses. Goodness knows, we all could use it. 

One of my favorite episodes to date, my boys shine as we discuss the impending revolution that lies in wait, the arrival of Specter. Four medium weapons AND a jump, AND it's stealth! Not to mention a very fast little bot w huge potential and a few new weapons to collect an ever growing number of components, making collecting specific items even harder to zero in on. The game is about to change/evolve again, buckle up, Funksters of all ages. It's gonna get cray cray! WR Therapy is now in session, the Doctor is IN!

For a man w 6 kids pulling out is a new sensation and we hope to see him next week but until then my boys take center stage talking about some of their favorite map situations, matchups, and ideas. We laugh plenty and wish every moment could be all of us in a room together. I feel prevliged to be heard by the pilots of this game and won't ever be able to fully express to all of you just how much we are honored that you keep coming back. Here's to all of you, Cheers.  

It's Nemesis clan night at the podcast and that means they drink for free. Lord Nikon, Ben, of the very formidable and heavily loyal Nemesis clan is my guest to discuss his very dierect ideas on the sources of angst and the needs of the pilots that populate our screens. Nemesis members enjoy a special emotional bond that is to be envied and revered and this is one one their brightest field marshalls. We talk of shiftingting leagues at a staggering speed. About -17 to -22 trophies/per game speed for some. 20 games and a 50% win rate later equal a staggering step backwards in league direction in an MK2 world such as ours. Let's hash it out.

Our numbers show that many of you got caught up on your Very Unofficial Podcast listening so I went ahead and left this episode as long as it is. Plenty of new material for all of our WR buddies to check out. We so wanted to be live of Facebook for the show but we miscalculated our software capabilities and found that it was going to cost us some moolah to bring you the show. We don't make any cash from this and we were running late as it was so, if you showed up looking for us live I am sorry for the truancy.(Especially after my dumb ass posted just that very day that we would be live that night! Pretty smooth, Doctor.) Next week should be my buddy from the Nemesis side of my WR family(I kinda like family better than clan, really) so that negates the possibility of FB live until the following show. Not sure when we will be live again to be honest, kids. I'll be certain to inform as soon as I know. Until then, hit play and it's great to be in your noggins once more!!!

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